Active Learning classrooms

Many classrooms at Conestoga are considered Active Learning classrooms. If you’re scheduled to teach in one of these innovative, collaborative spaces, read on.

Intro to the Active Learning classrooms

Your Teaching Station

Each room has a teaching station (rather than a podium). Most rooms have standard podium toggle controls. Here you can control the computer, the volume, the mute button, the lighting, and the monitor.

Learn more about the unique touch screen Extron controller in the 1D01 and 2D01 classrooms.

Each room (excluding 1D01 and 2D01) has an extendable arm for the computer keyboard and a touch screen monitor. Turn the screen toward the board to present your slides.

The best place to present is between the two screens, near the door. If you periodically move around, remind the students that their chairs swivel so they can follow you.

Using the PC

Using the PC attached to the monitor allows you to use the touch interactive board.

Make sure the PC and monitor are turned on. Make sure AV Mute is not flashing.

If you encounter any issues when logging in or setting up, use the phone to call IT Services (ext. 3444). An IT staff member will be present in the hallways during class sessions and arrive shortly to assist you.

Your room is also equipped with an interactive projector. Learn more about how to use your projected screen like a tablet.


The chairs are set up as rectangular table groups of 8 students. In 1D01 and 2D01, the tables accommodate 5 students.

If you need a lectern space for your notes, feel free to take up the end of the front middle table. Move any chairs to other locations, so you have your space, and there is still adequate seating for your students.

To manage group work, it sometimes works best to split table groups into 2 groups of 4, rather than one group of 8. Ask one student from each group to move to each end of the table. This makes sure each group has its own space and you can visit each group separately.

Remind students to be conscious of their volume level, as the groups will be in close proximity to one another.

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