Connect and Share

Many faculty at Conestoga are looking for ways to connect with their colleagues who use similar tech, offer their own experience using tech, or to hear about how they could be leveraging tech in new ways.

Join the Team

Connect with your colleagues in the Tech for Teaching Team. This is a private team for faculty at Conestoga to connect and collaborate with each other.

When you join, your role as faculty will be verified before your access is granted. This helps make sure conversations are centered around teaching, and authentic to Conestoga’s faculty. The team is maintained by Teaching and Learning, and the community of faculty already sharing their experiences and expertise.

Share your Experiences

Once you’ve experimented with new tech in your teaching, share your story! It could be a short video, pictures, or a whole write up – whatever you have time for! These posts are intended to showcase the innovative ways Conestoga faculty bring tech into everyday learning.

We welcome you to be part of a growing community of educators experimenting and sharing with tech!

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