Editing Videos

Editing a video can add polish and professionalism to your clips, but it takes additional time. Determine whether you’d like to spend time editing your clips.  There is nothing wrong with using an unedited video – especially if it’s just a little tutorial or talking point. 

If a video will be useful across a variety of purposes, it could be worthwhile spending more time on making it look polished.  Otherwise, do a few takes, pick the one you like the most, and minimize time spent editing. 

Some people like to add opening and closing screens, or on screen drawings, like graphics to focus people’s attention. Any of the below recommended apps will let you accomplish this.

Recommended Apps

If you do decide to edit, here are some recommended apps to try:

Mobile DevicesMac (OS X)Windows (8 or higher)
Adobe Premiere ClipiMovieMicrosoft Photos

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