An interactive presentation, polling and quizzing tool, Mentimeter is beloved for its clean appearance, ease of use, and varied question types. It offers a fairly robust free version, if you know how to use it.

Build interactive questions in word clouds, likert scales, open ended texts, ranking, and more. Participants can “like” slides, or participate in multiple choice quizzes. Set up a Q&A session. Combine a variety of slide types to make an engaging and interactive presentation.

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Use the Mentimeter help website to teach yourself how to use the app. They also have best practices, and examples of question types you can build.

When to Use it

Mentimeter is delivered using learners’ smartphones or laptops. It’s best suited for use in classrooms where all or most students have a device available to them. If someone doesn’t have one, invite them to partner up with a peer.

It can work as a substitute for PowerPoint, when a presentation seeks active audience engagement.

This is a formative assessment tool, as it lets learners check in with their own learning. Educators can collect historical data about previous instances where a question is run, but downloading results requires a paid subscription.

Or simply start experimenting! Many faculty report they felt this app was straightforward to learn to use, and felt like working with a PowerPoint.

Tips and Suggestions

The free version of Mentimeter lets you build an unlimited number of presentations.

Build your slides, just like you might in any other presentation software. There are three types of slides: Questions, Quizzes, and Quick Slides.

Use any combination of the three types of slides. Each type has their own uses and limits.

Slide TypeUsesQuantity Limit
QuestionsWord clouds, Likert scales, Open-ended, and more2
Quiz Competition Multiple Choice or True/False5
Quick Slides Text, Images or combinations thereofUnlimited

So in a presentation, you could have as many slides as you like, with some combination of quick slides (for text, images, agree/disagree questions), a mini quiz with 5 multiple choice questions, and two varied question types. I strongly recommend using all the question types, including the Quick Slides, to appreciate the range that is possible with this tool.

For example, there are different ways you can work with each slide type. Watch this video, to see how I would suggest structuring Agree or Disagree questions.

Effective Questions

The wording of questions is something to be careful in considering. Use the Spectrum of Effective Questioning to help construct open ended questions that span a range across appropriate levels of thinking.

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