Effective presentations are a strong cornerstone of teaching practice. Well designed and well thought presentations form strong mnemonic connections for learners, and act as an experiential guide through conceptual frameworks.

Best Practices

Preparing Materials

  • Create accessibly. Use the accessibility checker in all Microsoft Office products to determine if course materials are accessible. Adobe .pdf’s need to be double checked. The best materials are simple and clean.
  • Consider design elements. Effectively designed presentations create affective engagement and entice the viewer into the activity.
  • Bring in variety. PowerPoint has been around for a while, but there’s no need to rely solely on it. Try out some of the suggested apps below.


Teaching Tips


Presenting in Labs

Teaching in a lab is a unique experience. Many programs are technical and offer hands on experience working with software ...
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Presentation Design

When designing presentations, it's important to keep effective design elements, active learning practices and theory about slideware and memory in ...
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"PowerPoint logo" by Microsoft, 2019. Retrieved July 5th, 2019. Tried and true, PowerPoint has been the best known presentation software ...
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O365 Sway

"Sway Logo" by Microsoft, 2018. Retrieved July 5th, 2019. A relatively new presentation offering from Microsoft, Sway lets you build ...
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Mentimeter logi


An interactive presentation, polling and quizzing tool, Mentimeter is beloved for its clean appearance, ease of use, and varied question ...
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live demonstration

Live Demonstration

Demonstration, kinaesthetic activity and modelling of behaviours are proven to deeply tie learning to memory. Using touch interactive devices (sometimes ...
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Live Annotation

Every consumer oriented Windows based operating system since Windows 7 has offered drawing and annotation features. Google Pixelbooks are now ...
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Faronics Insight

Faronics Insight

Faronics Insight, from Faronics. Retrieved July 19th, 2019. AKA the "Owl software," Faronics Insight lets you present and monitor devices ...
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